Thursday, 4 March 2010

Great Day!

Well today was a good day. Saw my ortho, and got 3 bits of good news (2 orthodontics-related):

1) I don't need to wear my elastics anymore

2) I'm getting my braces off in MAY!!

I need a gap to close, but other than that I'm all done. One of my molars is slightly in a crossbite position, however it has no direct impact on my bite. My ortho said she'd like it fixed in the sense that it's her job to get everything perfect, but since it doesn't make a difference to my bite -or to me personally- she's going to leave it. I don't necessarily mind her working on it, but as far as I'm concerned having one tooth that isn't perfect makes little difference to me.

I have one more normal appointment in 4 weeks, and then will be debonded in May!

The third bit of good news is more on a personal level, but I'll share anyway. I'm a student of Clinical Psychology (second year undergraduate) and my ortho always asks about it and what I'm doing. Anyway today she was like, 'oh Sheffield [where all orthognathic surgery is done in this area] is desperate for a Clin. Psych, and you'd be perfect because you've experienced it yourself! We'll have to talk about it next time...'

Now I'm not taking this to be a job offer because obviously I'm not qualified yet!, but some form of work experience in that area would be great for me. So if she can hook me up, she can!


  1. So much awesome news!

    I know it's still early, but what are you planning to bite through first when you get those braces off?

  2. Fantastic! Debonding day is incredible, just wait til you see those lovely white shiny teeth winking back at you in the mirror... :)

    Would be incredible getting involved, I love chatting to people now who are going through the whole process, it'll be very rewarding even to be involved in some capacity!!!