Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Nerves driving me mental...

Not much to report in terms of progress. I've got an appointment with my ortho next week.

I still have residual swelling in the lower part of my face, but that's about it. It's painful in my joints if I do something particularly forceful like yawn, but that's about it for pain. My tongue has been a bit cut and sore lately because obviously I'm mushing things up with my tongue and it's catching the odd sharpe or rouch bit of my braces and generally getting exacerbated....


My horrible nerves sensation is still there too, but not as bad as it has been. If I lightly tap the left side of my chin, it sends a shockwave of tingles through the rest of my chin and lip. I can also feel the nerve if I touch the left side of my mouth with my tongue. It's not painful, just very annoying. Brushing the left side if just horrible because the nerve is also sent down one tooth.

I did some research (ie, google and wiki ) and think it might be the mental nerve, as it's on that tooth and that area (see bottom):
But whatever it is, it's making me mental!

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  1. Hey,

    Hope the nerve is not troubling you all that much anymore. Could be a number of things causing it but I am sure your dentist will be able to shed light on the problem.

    I though you may appreciate a link to the which has info about dental treatments and even a section where you can ask dental experts about your dental concerns (your nerve trouble for example).

    I was hoping you could add a link to CDG under your Fonts of Knowledge tab as I am sure the info can be of benefit to not only you but also your readers

    Experts -

    Toothache -

    Hope the info is useful and the pain doesn’t trouble you too much.