Thursday, 27 August 2009

So tired, tired of waiting...The Kinks got it right

Haven't really had much to tell lately because things seem to have plateaued now; my gap has not closed any more, my gap at the other side hasn't opened any more (this gap is a good gap, the other is one that needs to confusing!). It's time for a new wire, but my appointment isn't until the 16th of September. Ho hum

My bottom teeth are annoying me as well lately because they seemed to be nice and straight a few weeks ago and now they have some black triangles. And these are hideous to floss! It's seriously like nails on a chalkboard and it just goes right through me *shudder*. Thankfully the only brace floss that they seem to sell in the UK is OralB Superfloss whcih has the spongey bit on it, so I use that. The triangles aren't huge like I have gum recession, just due to the teeth not being quite in their right positions yet, but of course it's annoying because it feels like I'm going backwards and not forwards to the ultimate goal of having my bimax surgery this December. I just feel like I'm waiting and waiting for December but I don't even know if I will be ready then. It's very discouraging to be waiting for nothing, possibly.
I actually think that at my next appointment if my ortho says in fact I won't be ready for December I may just cry right there and then. I'm even getting teary eyed as I type, because If I know when my surgery will be then that wait I don't mind, but currently I'm just sick of waiting with no resolution.

I know I must sound so whiny, but I'm past happiness that my fangs are gone or my upper jaw is a nice arch now. It's over and done with. Everytime I go to see my ortho and she doesn't tell me anything I feel I'm being messed around. It's just a build-up of hope and then disappointment when I go again with nothing else gleaned

Everything about my jaw makes me uncomfortable- the way it looks, the way I speak with a lisp, the way I bite my cheeks whenever I talk, the difficulties I have chewing...ugh, some days I just get so sick of it all! Sadly today is one of those days.....