Thursday, 17 September 2009

Odd insights from my ortho- 2007- 2009

Honestly when my ortho is doing whatever to my mouth and I'm laying there with my mouth open, she does start up the oddest conversations with me and her assistant. I just think it's the funniest thing, so thought I'd digress from moaning about surgery dates to sharing some of our conversations... lol

Yesterday as my molds were being prepared she somehow got onto the topic of Scottish accents (was telling the assistant she should visit Edinburgh). She loves them, apparantly. The assistant doesn't, apparantly. So I said I like them, but I like Irish ones more. Oh, she loves them too! And Birmingham accents, and she doesn't even mind a bit of Scouse either. We're situated in Yorkshire, which also has a distinct array of accents. My ortho either wasn't born here anyway, or she's just lost her accent over time, but she was telling us her 2 1/2 year old daughter has already got a Yorkshire accent.
- Ok, so anyone outside of the UK might not really know much about the wide array of accents we have. Old broad Yorkshire accents are very abstract. I think you might need CliffNotes to get through it all, much the same as if you were reading Chaucer lol

Anyway she then mused she loves the term 'innit', and a lot of her Asian patients say 'innit' a lot. Apparantly a very good Asian implantologist who works at the main hospital where the specialist oral surgeons, etc work, always says innit, and all his patients love him. Well, there you go!

I've found out some poor child who used to go to her daughters nursery was called Branston Pickle?!?! She once got a complaint from a patient of hers who was trans-gender because she called them by the wrong pronoun....

Should I really be sharing this? I don't know, but I find it very intriguing and funny! :D

So, there you go. Such insight!!!

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Update- Latest Ortho Appt.

My ortho appt today was basically just a records update; photos of face front on and profile, then mouth; molds; x ray (cephalometric, which is one of your whole skull and neck, and sort tissue so the surgeon/ortho can see your profile as well as the jaw. oo-er)

To start with though, my ortho also filed/sanded down my back two molars. I found it tickled more than anything else, but I tried not to laugh in case her hand slipped and she drilled a hole in my face of something! I think it's the noise of dental drills, files, etc that 'the people' seem to hate, but it's not too bad really. I think if you had a fear of the dentist prior to having orthognathic work and surgery, you won't once you're finished that's for sure!

Photos- bad. I looked a bit of a scruff today (or greb, as a Yorkshireman/woman like me would say. My old favourite saying used to be swamp donkey, but apparantly that means a fat ugly woman at a club trying it on....anyway what am I talking about...)

Molds- simple. I thought would be annoying with the braces but it wasn't at all. All she did was just put on a long strip of wax (pretty much) over the archwire, and bob's your uncle.

Then I went for the cephalomatric X ray. I have problems with my ears and wax build-ups (yuck, I know) though, so my ears are actually a bit sore now from the pressure of the things they put in your ears. And why do Radiologists take so long to actually take the X ray. He had me bite down and hold then, then went on adjusting everything; moving my hair, adjusting the neck brace thing- now my bite is practically non-existent, so trying to hold it for a period of time just doesn't work! My teeth start to grind a bit, and my mandible slips. So I open my mouth again. Then he tells me off. So I laugh. Then he tells me off for laughing. Honestly, if you get on with it then I'll be fine! It's like holding a smile for a photographer who is taking their time...

So, then I asked her would I be ready for surgery in December.

Answer: Yes, however my new surgeon is a specialist in oral cancer, so if I get a date it may have to be cancelled if he is needed elsewhere to do his specialist surgeries. They're trying to change how the waiting lists work so as to reduce cancellations, but that doesn't exactly help me.

So I may get the surgery in December. But equally I may not. Then I'm looking as Easter. Christmas would really be the best thing- one because I have a long break from uni to recover, and two, because well, the sooner the better! I think my ortho realises I'm really hoping for December, so she'll do what she can.

My next appt is in a month exactly, and according to the plan, I'm having a clinic with my surgeon either in Oct or Nov, but for now I don't know the exact date because at first the secratary said the first available opening to see him was January, so it better bloody not be! My ortho's working round it!

So perhaps good news? Perhaps not....will just have to hope I get lucky