Wednesday, 10 February 2010

The Impenetrable, Baffling Fortress...

....that is the straw.

I was with my friend today and got a drink from MacDonalds since she wanted something (ugh, I don't eat their food though. Yuk) and could I hell work out how to use the straw! It's not even just because my lip is numb, but I felt like I'd physically never used a straw before, and couldn't work out how to get it in my mouth because my jaws were in the way. That sounds odd I know, but my upper teeth have never gone in front of my lowers, and it feels wrong! I kept trying the get the straw in and my upper jaw would come down like a draw-bridge and block off my way! 

After extracting less than a ml through the straw in about 10 attempts, I just took the lid off......
I think I need a straw-using rehabilitation programme or something


  1. haha... yeah I would think it would be a little weird. That is what I wonder about. It is probably feeling REALLY strange since it has never been that way before. haha.

    love and support always, makay

  2. Hah! My first week or so using straws I couldn't really feel the straw so I'd start to drink before my lips were sealed around it, soaking everyone around me in whatever I was drinking. Too funny :)

  3. Hey, you're getting there!

    I just started an eating blog for us hungry orthognathic surgery patients called Jaw Nom Nom ( I hope you'll consider stopping by and giving some suggestions on what to eat.